The Northampton and District Cycling Association was formed in the October of 1935, following the instigation of Phil Wykes who called together a meeting of Club Delegates from Clubs in the N.C.U. Northampton Centre. Enlargement was to follow later. He foresaw the strength that would accrue from several clubs working in an alliance to promote the furtherance of the sport. By providing more semi-open events and running some longer distance events the Association provided an outlet for up and coming riders. It seems strange today, but at that time, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the long markers to get accepted into the classic open events.

Along with other Clubs, activities were frozen during the War Period, but due to the initial enthusiasm of the Clubs and Officials, the Association was revived after the War, and events began to gain momentum to provide the Association that we know today.

The Association has provided competition for the various categories, Men, Women, Junior, Juvenile and Veterans, with each category being instigated at an appropriate time in the Association's history as support demanded. Trophies for these competitions have been kindly donated by generous beneficiaries.

The events and competitions began to suffer from a lack of support during the late 90's, but following the instigation of a points based competition in 2001 and the use of quieter circuits for events, there has been renewed enthusiasm for our events and competitions, which we hope will continue.

Over the years, a number of riders from Association Clubs have progressed to National Honours and we always follow their progress with pride.

Hopefully the Association will continue for many more years, with the support of the clubs and the willing band of officials that we have been blessed with over the years, for which we have been very fortunate.

N&DCA Officials

  • President
  • Trevor Randall
  • Chairman
  • Sue Holliday
  • email [email protected]
  • Secretary
  • Position Vacant (Please contact Chairman if you can help)
  • Racing Secretary
  • Mark Avil
  • Treasurer
  • Richard Daniells
  • Points Recorder
  • Graham Bickle & Richard Daniells
  • Webmaster
  • Graham Bickle
  • Management Committee
  • Simon Pitchford @northamptondca
  • Robert Woodford
  • Steve Robinson
  • Mick Holliday
  • CTT Delegates
  • Richard Daniells
  • ?
  • Auditor
  • ?